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quem-somosWe are a company whose mission is to offer the best practises and customize them according to the characteristics of each student. Our greatest differential is the value given to the teachers.
We ensure teachers are trained and motivated to exercise the profession with pride. ON THE GO teachers are committed to the development and success of each student, whatever their level, objective or requirements.

The Lessons are focused on the needs of our students, always bearing in mind the final result to be achieved which is the student’s capacity to communicate in a foreign language in a natural way.

The two main skills of communication of the “real world”, which are the speaking ( speech) and listening ( auditory skill) are brought to the classroom, because we believe that the student needs to experience real situations in the foreign language.


Marcus Hespanha – After more than 20 years teaching English as a second language with private students, corporate as well as language schools. He believes that it is necessary to mold as a professor to accommodate the student and his or her needs.

He was raised in Toronto, Canada where he lived and studied for 23 years, he then decided to follow a career in Brazil. During these 20 years in his career, he has trained executives for presentations, lectures, trips and prepared students to take courses in Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, by means of Case Studies, and examinations such as TOEFL and Proficiency tests. Marcus has accumulated a cultural baggage that enables him to assist our students wishing to travel for work, leisure or study.